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The possibility of redundancy, whether voluntary or involuntary, can be an unsettling time. There are important decisions to be made, which can include superannuation benefit options for those in Public Sector Super or Employer Sponsored Schemes. It’s important to take steps that secure your financial position, so that you can protect the lifestyle you’ve always planned for. ASET Wealth Financial Advisers can help you understand your options to ensure you make a sound financial decision.

Common questions include:

  • Should I accept the offer?

  • How will I meet my living expenses if I’m not working for an extended period?

  • What amount will I receive in my hand after tax?

  • How are the different components taxed?

  • What should I do with the lump sum payout?

  • Is early retirement an option? Am I ready to retire?

  • What are my options in relation to my super?

  • I hold insurance within my super fund, will I continue to be covered if I’m not making contributions? Do I need to review my insurance?

  • Am I entitled to Centrelink benefits?

We can assist you to answer these questions so that you can make the choice that’s right for you.

We have extensive knowledge of public sector and defined benefit funds, including CSS, PSS, PSSap, Military Super and UniSuper. We can assist you in understanding the complexities of your respective scheme to ensure you maximise your benefits.

To make the most of your redundancy package contact an ASET Wealth Financial Adviser today.