Superannuation Strategies

ASET Wealth Financial Advisers can work with you to put in place a suitable superannuation strategy which we believe is essential in achieving your retirement goals.


How we can help

Superannuation is a tax effective environment for accumuluating funds for your retirement. It's never too soon or too late to start planning for your future.

Superannuation strategies include maximising your contributions through the use of concessional (pre-tax) and non-concessional (after tax) contributions. This may include consideration of salary sacrifice arrangements, transition to retirement pensions, government co-contributions and super splitting.


We provide advice across all types of superannuation including

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF's)

ASET Wealth Financial Advisers can assist you to establish and manage your own SMSF.

One of the benefits of an SMSF is being able to construct an investment portfolio that is consistent with your risk profile whilst having the flexibility to select from a wide variety of wholesale managed investments, direct equities and direct property.

Public Sector/Defined Benefit Superannuation Funds

Being located in Canberra, we have extensive knowledge of public sector and defined benefit funds, including CSS, PSS, PSSap, Military Super, UniSuper, etc.

We can assist you in understanding the complexities of your respective scheme to ensure you maximise your retirement benefits.

Personal Superannuation Funds

Generally, most other superannuation funds fall under the category of personal or retail super. As we have our own licence, ASET Wealth is not limited in our scope and we are able to provide advice across a full range of superannuation products.