Wealth Creation & Accumulation Strategies

ASET Wealth Management can work with you to create wealth by means of careful investment, so as to acheive your financial goals. Everyone has a unique financial position.


How we can help

ASET Wealth Management will provide tailored solutions to suit your individual circumstances, whether you’re starting from scratch or building on existing assets. Our wealth creation services include:

  • Cash Management
  • Investment
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Debt Management
  • Gearing - Margin Lending


Cash Management

Cash flow management is the process of monitoring, analysing and adjusting your personal or business cash flows. To successfully create wealth it is important to understand your spending patterns and plan for future events, for example establishing a savings plan.


Diversification is the key to maximising long term returns whilst minimising volatility. We adopt an ‘Asset Class’ approach to investing in line with your risk profile. Funds are generally invested across the following asset classes:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest (Australian and International)
  • Property
  • Australian Shares
  • International Shares

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrificing is an effective wealth creation strategy as it decreases your assessable income and therefore reduces your personal income tax liability while at the same time increasing your accumulation of assets.

Debt Management

When used properly debt can be a very effective tool that may help you to achieve your financial goals. We can help you understand the important difference between ‘good’ debt (tax deductible debt) and ‘bad’ debt (non-deductible debt).

Gearing - Margin Lending

Borrowing may not be for everyone however gearing enables you to generate greater returns from the investment market than would otherwise have been possible using just your own investment funds. A gearing strategy can offer enhanced capital appreciation and an income stream through dividends and franking credits, as well as entitlement to interest deductions.